Personal care

In order to gain a foothold as a professional football player you‘ll need, besides obtaining an optimal physical condition, great mental strength as well. For us to prepare you for that, it is very important to come to a common denominator on a personal level in order to speak and remedy weaknesses and simultaneously try to emphasize your strengths.

Contract Management

In order to secure the best possible offer for you, it is required that you need to have „that certain something“ at contract negiotiations. Due to our extensive experience you are especially benefiting in this point from our expertise.


Transfers are the main business of our agency, viz.:if time has come, we will take every possible option into consideration through our excellent network and thereafter we will decide together where you will continue your journey.

PR- and Social Media Consulting

In terms of public relations we will consultatively stand aside you und will attract the attention of potential advertising clients and partners towards you, besides your visibility on the pitch.

Carreer Planning

Bad decision going to a certain club... Not really what you hoped for what could have brought you one step further... These kind of sayings we will preventively try to avoid, because all factor will be considered precisely and carefully, in order to pave your way to the top without having unnecessary burdens.

Brand Development

Parallel to your carreer as a professional footballer we will, again profiting from our wide-ranging network, also talk about how to benefit from activities off the pitch and how to establish and develop yourself into a brand or brand ambassador.